We Now Return to Our Show Already in Progress

To blog or not to blog is sometimes the question.

When it gets to be nearly two months since the last public writing entry, the question evolves into, “Do you remember how to do this blogging thing?”

Why yes, yes I do.

The substantive absence here was not a severe case of the mind playing tricks on me with a lack of available consonents then organized into words, sentences and paragraphs, and/or more commonly referred to as “writer’s block” was not exactly at fault either.

It couldn’t be writer’s block, like my wise professor taught me, there is no such thing. However, I have discovered there can be some time in between decent ideas to share.

Initially, the blog delay was a refocus on the fiction fun I usually work on after a lovely posting here among the random readers of the world.  The stories, one contest, a couple poems and three hundred edits later, I realized we hadn’t visited here in a while.  And then it became a bit of a subject matter problem.

What to talk about with all the craziness in the world?

Election madness in the good old U.S. of A. seems easy enough, but those opinions appear to be numerous and just as confusing as most of the candidates themselves.  A serious and important batch of issues in the political world, but I’m not seeing a lot of solutions there on the horizon.  Maybe no politics in here for a bit longer.

The world of entertainment is certainly a topic embraced here at the Tymes on a fairly regular basis.  We could throw a virtual hug at the Oscar winners or talk about whether cultural politics need to be included in the movie award business, but that too seems redundant at the moment in the blog-o-verse.  More diversity sounds good to me, I’m just happy C3PO, R2D2 and BB-8 got some live stage time.  Robots and androids are the future, more power to them.

Travel is always fun, and after a couple nice pieces here about last year’s adventures, I could always relay more of those escapees here for you, but the winter has offered few road trips thus far.  We did get to see a Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the museum, and any chance to mention one of my favorite writers, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is always a good thing, it just does not rise to the worthiness of a full on blog.

The exhibit after all, missed the mark.  Mr. Doyle created Holmes to have a character who could deduce the the clues in front of the audience, and not magically solve a mystery at the end of the book with no rhyme or reason to how the protagonist discovered the answers.  Our exhibit had the interactive clue seeking and then presented a magical answer with no way for the audience to find the actual solution.

It was still fun.  Just not enough to fill up all the empty space here.

There are still plenty of life anecdotes in the arsenal to tell, but after a lengthy absence, it may be too soon to jumpstart things here with a happy or sad recollection.

Best to share some thoughts than none at all.

The writing continues, this is the year to publish items other than the words here in this normally lovable corner of the Internet.  Two short stories are about ready to go, a website to tie all this together nicely (blogs, stories, and requisite social media buttons) is being developed and really 2016 is just getting started.

Time flies, but as a wise online meme described, I am the pilot.

The ‘block’ real or imagined has been removed, and away we go. Again.

Thanks for checking in, please set your tray tables up, and return your seats to their original upright positions, we’re about ready to take off.