Our Story So Far

Five months into this snappy, sometimes sappy little corner of the world wide web offers a brief moment to reflect on where we’re at and where we’re going.

I know.

“What’s with this we stuff?” Tonto asked the Lone Ranger after a bad day.

Whoever has wandered into this blog after it kicked off in late January with me is a part of the ‘we’ on this reading, writing journey.  This method to communicate with Universe, share some anecdotes, a laugh or two and some darts thrown at the philosophical dart board of life has been a great way to start many of my writing days.

Or writing daze on other occasions.

Thus far, it turns out there may be more websites, writing groups, workshops, magazines and conventions in the world than there are active writers.  And there are a LOT of folks in this writing boat with me. Again, all the better to me to have more folks out there, and the resources available are amazing.  And all that talk about craft can be surprisingly distracting. I think that is why so much modern writer humor revolves around the giant, shiny Internet destroying focus.

I get all of those jokes now. Although they were funnier when I wasn’t writing everyday.

Ultimately, I have found some great advice, great ideas and a bunch of places to go when I need help through tough spots as an emerging writer.  See that?  New lingo.  I discovered a boat load of material directed at folks just like me, on the verge of getting stories out into the world.

I emerge, therefore I am.

Lots of wisdom out there laying around for the emerging writers. This blog is not a requirement for an emerging writer, yet, a lot of people suggest it is a nice way for people who do eventually read more of your stuff to find a place to read more of your stuff.

The tale of the tape looks like this.  Three projects being worked on at the same time.  The Princess book, the sci-fi short story being edited and reworked and the strangely fun crime book that writes itself faster than my earlier works.

Which one will land first?  First one done.  I have decided to not be picky, and that my finest work may be one of these projects or something I have not yet imagined. The bottom line is I have recovered from the fear that whatever I publish, self-publish or put on a bubble gum card doesn’t have to be perfect.

It worked for my newspaper and radio career.  Some of my best works were not planned and some of the articles I wrote were technically the strongest pieces I had accomplished, some the last minute deadline ideas resonated more with my intended audience.

There will be some not great stories and some less than stellar moments in this passionate pursuit to write well.  It is the way the rest of life goes, I should have realized the same applies to my favorite thing to do as well.

Write it, throw it out there and if it gets accepted or thrown back, write some more.

However, I likely pull all of this off without having to surf over to trending writer articles on how to find a better verb or top ten best places for emerging writers to look at on the Internet.  Cartoons about writing are still open season, I love those.

More Lundon Tymes as well, it is still a nice way to kick off the writing day. Stay tuned, more adventures on the way.