A Song of George

Today’s title is not another Beatles reference, or to the Concert for George in regard to the late great George Harrison.

Instead, we celebrate a different tune, A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R.R. Martin.  The power of television may trump the original book series in some ways, as many folks may only understand the story title as A Game of Thrones.

Either way, A Song of Ice and Fire is awesome and is another step along the inspirational path for me.  I realize the fandom nation of the fantasy epic are divided among the patient and the very impatient.   Yes, it is taking a long, long time, and fans are fearful of Mr. Martin’s age and the possibility we will never know the end of the story.  I am going to take the writer’s side on this one.

George Martin is having fun, his life’s work has earned him this moment to take as much time as he needs to finish the story.  Or not finish it, if fate decides otherwise.

Besides, we may not need him to adventure around Westeros.  The world is built, the heavy lifting is done. Martin is easily the greatest world builder since Tolkien. All that and the author has offered enough clues to get us within proximity of closure.

Of course, I’d rather read two more books and get some satisfaction of knowing the intended ending, but I don’t think George truly knows himself.  The rumors are that he has told the end of the story to HBO, in case they need closure to finish something for the hit television series.  However, I would contend he has told them what they needed to hear, some juicy plot reveals and an ending he has imagined.

That said, let us recall this was only going to be a three book series, then four of five and now we’re to seven with some discussion of the series going longer than than all that.  It may not officially conclude.  And it is okay.

We deal with this kind of situation every single day.  I merely need a volunteer from my studio audience.  Alright. You there, and nice shirt by the way, please tell me all about the epic end of Batman’s story.


The famous caped crusader, around since 1930 and we don’t know how his story concludes?  Okay, Wonder Woman then.  Anyone?  We can jump over to Marvel movies and comic then, how about Spider-Man?  How amazing was the ending to his story?

Serial fiction. Comic books, movie series, comic strips, episodic television, soaps, etc. Did we really get an end to Star Trek or James Bond?  Heck, since George Lucas sold his baby to Disney, do we really think Star Wars will ever end?

George R.R. Martin through his fascination with knights, history, and a dash of demons and dragons, has built a self-sustaining universe.  He’s written some prequel adventures just for kicks, and it shows off just how versatile his world truly is.  Anyone who has yet to discover the prequel stories, the compilation hits the stands this fall.  A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, or the adventures of Dunk and Egg occur about one century before A Song of Ice and Fire begins.

Wolves, Dragons or Lions, oh my. The family histories can be discovered any time, any year, in nearly any place.  We all have our favorite corners of Westeros.  My very favorite place, despite the current condition, is Winterfell.  Yes, George hates me, and all of us Starks.  I try to forgive, that’s what fans do.  And I’m fairly certain many will when the next book in the series lands on the stands.

I met George once, as much as one human can meet another at a book signing with a line that went as far back as I could see.  Each person in line was allowed to ask one question, and I worked so hard to generate something original, I think I threw him off just a bit.  All of the castles in A Song of Ice and Fire are so detailed, they may as well be characters themselves.  Thus, I asked Mr. Martin, of all the castles he has built, to choose his favorite one.

He told me I have not seen it yet.  It is true, only he has seen Casterly Rock to this point, but now I’m also looking forward to visiting there. Other artists have painted their versions, utilizing their imagination, which is really the ultimate point.  George has built a world for us to wander, whether we’re reading it, watching it or daydreaming about repairing the guard towers at Winterfell.

I will endure this time of waiting.  It’s a really good song, even if I have make up the ending.  After all, if Batman is forever, so is that know nothing Jon Snow.